3D Underwater Housings, Footage and Production Serives for the Giant Screen

2D and 3D Underwater Housings, Footage and Film Production Serives for Giant Screen and IMAXģ

Leaders in Underwater Cinematography and Innovation.

DeepXTM - Sharp to the EdgeTM
The sharpest underwater optics ever made.

Achtel DeepX 4k underwater camera housing for RED Epic

The World's first housing able to resolve ultra-high definition underwater is also the smallest...[more]

4k 3D underwater housing for RED Epic

Our company has produced the most innovative underwater filming system in years - revolutionary new housings: DeepXTM and 3Deep® for shooting in 2D and 3D underwater.
Up until now, capturing cinema-quality images underwater, especially in 3D, has meant large, cumbersome and expensive equipment, large camera crews, and images dramatically degraded by the underwater camera housings available. Itís made it almost impossible for film-makers to get close to the very creatures theyíre trying to film. And itís never been possible to capture images that match the quality you can get above water. Achtelís inventions change all that...[more]

Flat Port, Dome Port and Nikonos 15mm Wide Angle Lens Compared

Nikon Nikonos Lens Test

Never before the choice of the right optics was so important. Find out why...[here]

DeepX 3D underwater housing

Achtel launches DeepX 3D - the most advanced underwater 3D system ever...[more]

The most innovative housings in the industry.

Achtel's DeepX and 3Deep underwater camera housing win StudioDaily Innovation Award

The most innovative product at NAB Show 2013 was not Canon EOS C300 (finalist) or Canon EOS C500 (also finalist), it was not Blackmagic Cinema Camera (finalist), it was also not Sony NEX-FS700 (another finalist) ...it was: DeepXTM and 3Deep®!...[more]

Catalyst: ABC TV

4 July 2013 - Mark Horstman meets cinematographer Pawel Achtel, who has combined lens technology with an innovative titanium housing to bring ultra high definition underwater images to the big screen...[more]

Achtel 3Deep 3D underwater housing for RED Epic

World's Sharpest Whales - Sea of Love 3D IMAX film teaser from Pawel Achtel shot with 3Deep - revolutionary 3D underwater housing.

What makes these new images so extraordinary is that they're of a quality so far in advance of today's high definition television standards, and even of big screen IMAX standards, that watching the footage of whales on the big screen, in 3D, is as close as most of us will ever get to being there, swimming with these 15 metre giants. This image quality and action have never been posible before due to limitations of the underwater optics and the big size of the cameras used.

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4k underwater housings

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