3D Underwater Housing

Underwater Footage and Images Shot With DeepX and 3Deep

Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in 3D
Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) - 5k frame grab from 5k footage taken with 3Deep using Nikonos 15mm lenses
Weedy sea dragon filmed with 3Deep housing using Nikonos 15mm lens
Another 5k frame grab of the Left Camera taken with 3Deep, Nikonos 15mm lenses set at f/5.6. Water visibility about 8m, shot at a depth of about 10m in Tasmania.
Shot with 3Deep and Nikonos 15mm lens
Frame grab of the Right Camera taken with 3Deep, Nikonos 15mm lenses and custom optical innovation. Due to seasonal algal bloom, the visibility was only about 3m, water colour was green. No colour correction other than S curve was applied.
Shot with DeepX and Nikonos 15mm lens
"...just did my first job today with deepX no. 10.
Got to say it was a dream to use.
Shot an Olympic high board diver for a big projection job, 120 fps 5K w/s and it knocked the socks off all who watched the rushes.
I was actually able to shoot the u/w stuff more easily than the topside set-ups.
Unheard of!...
....I have never seen such detail in an UW shot."
[Philip Barthropp (DOP), UK]

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Shot with DeepX and Nikonos 15mm lens
"For me, the DeepX housing is a dream come true: For the first time in the history of motion picture, we are able to film perfectly flat, sharp and undistorted images underwater. This has never been possible before..." [Pawel Achtel (DOP), Australia]

Watch motion picture on Vimeo

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